No More Illness

81 ◄ Previous Page Home Chapter Index Next Page ► Chapter 8 The Nature and Purpose of Disease The Nature’s Way program is based on the Nature Cure philosophy of disease. This is the philosophy that is taught in Naturopathic colleges throughout the world. The success of most health hydro’s and healing sanitariums is largely attributable to the fact that their treatment programs are structured around the basic principles of Nature Cure . If you took the trouble to study into the matter, you would find that Nature Cure is not that far removed from the philosophy of disease that was held by Hippocrates - the so-called “father of medicine” who taught that . . . Nature is the physician of our diseases. xxvi Before we contemplate the Nature Cure approach, however, it is important that we first consider the various generally accepted categories or “stages” of disease. Certain schools of thought interpret these various stages