No More Illness

60 ◄ Previous Page Home Next Page ► Chapter Index The following article by Dr Max Warmbrand was written some years ago, - yet truth never changes. The viewpoints expressed by Dr Warmbrand are as valid today as they ever were. Having read this article, you will appreciate that an entirely different approach could well be our best tactic in the battle against cancer. Are We Ever Going to Find a Cure for Cancer The fact that the spread of cancer is not lessening is now well-known. Actually, the picture keeps growing worse with each year. The latest figures show that the United States alone has reached a point where more than 300,000 American lives are now being lost yearly from this tragic body and life-destroying disease. And the end is not in sight. In short, in spite of the vast sums of money that have been spent in the search for a cure, very little, if anything, has been accomplished so far in finding the answer to this frightening affliction. And it is because of this that many of our leading scientists are now beginning to wonder whether a cure for cancer will ever be found, and whether it would not be best if our major efforts could be directed towards prevention . A Cancer Cell - a Mutant If we are to understand what can really be done to solve this problem, it would be well to get to know what the disease is, how it originates, and what we must do