No More Illness

53 ◄ Previous Page Home Chapter Index Next Page ► The point we wish to make here is that there is definitely a link between our diet and the functioning of our minds. This being the case, surely it makes sense to give our minds the very best? If our blood is our life, and our blood is made up from the food that we eat, then do we not owe it to ourselves and to our loved ones to avoid the use of junk foods and to include the very best of natural foods in our diet? Learning Disorders Considering that our blood is made up from the food that we eat, and that our mind, in turn, is nourished by our blood, we can appreciate that mothers can do much to help their children in their studies. Over the years, we have seen the grades of many school children improve after mom had switched to feeding the family a more natural diet. This has been especially evident in the case of children who had been struggling with subjects such as mathematics. As the foregoing article convincingly proved: It isn’t just behaviour that changes for the better when children are fed a healthy diet. Classroom performance improves, too. Then, by the same token, we can do much to hinder the scholastic abilities of our children by ignoring their nutritional needs. For some years now scientists have been warning about this very real danger. As the following report confirms: