No More Illness

125 ◄ Previous Page Home Chapter Index Next Page ► Chapter 13 Psychiatry a Caution In chapter 4 we saw how a faulty diet can give rise to so-called psychiatric disorders. In the previous chapter we saw how silver/mercury fillings can also give rise to a wide variety of complaints of a “mental” nature. Yet in both cases, the “mental disorder” was nothing other than a symptom of a deeper cause, and in both cases that deeper cause was physically unrelated to the mind. In this light, it takes no amount of genius to realize that in either of these cases any kind of psychiatric therapy aimed at treating the mind would be aimed at no more than a symptom - and, as we all know, we cannot cure any ailment by treating symptoms - we have to remove the cause. Before I discovered that mercury was the root cause of my problem, there were a number of occasions when I toyed with the idea of undergoing psychiatric treatment.