Microwave Ovens In Question

The article below was originally published in the Sun,
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Microwaved Milk Damages Babies' Brains

Mums who heat babies' milk in a microwave oven are exposing them to brain and liver damage, scientists warn in the leading medical journal The Lancet.
Researchers were shocked to find the super-fast ovens turn proteins in milk into poisons which attack vital organs.
Now they fear everyone who eats micro waved food may be at risk because the same proteins are found in snacks such as pizzas, curries, quiches and TV dinners.
Tests by children's doctors in Austria showed that heating babies' milk at high speed in a microwave changed its chemical structure abnormally. Protein-forming amino acids - found in dairy products, processed foods, meat and fish - which normally strengthen cells in the body, ATTACK it instead.
The brain, liver and kidneys are particularly effected-with possible fatal results.
Dr. Gerd Lubec, who first discovered the dangers, stormed:
"The manufacturers have done nothing. They must carry out tests".
Experts yesterday backed the alarming warning to busy mums, who find microwaves a boon to heat milk quickly.

Leading pediatrician Dr. Elizabeth Poskett, of Royal Liverpool Children's Hospital, said:
"Babies' kidneys and liver have to work harder than adults, and just the slightest bit of damage can be critical."
Top food scientist Professor Richard Lacey, who predicted last year's killer salmonella and listeria outbreaks, revealed microwave makers have NEVER carried out proper tests on foods such as milk.
Professor Lacey, head of the microbiology department at Leeds University, said:
"No parent should heat their baby's milk in a microwave- they should always put it in a pan.
"Everyone uses a microwave-but none of us know what they are doing to our food".
"They are probably safe for jacket potatoes, vegetables and soups- but I would NOT use them for anything else, especially ready-made meals, or anything containing milk or cheese".
He advised anyone thinking of buying a microwave NOT TO - at least until more tests are carried out.
Britain's 10 million microwave-owning families could be at risk - almost half the population.
And The Lancet article will rock the microwave industry, worth more than 200 million pounds a year.
But industry spokesmen said yesterday they were NOT following up the scientists' discovery.
Jim Collis, spokesman for the Association of Manufacturers of Domestic Electrical Appliances, admitted they had NEVER tested the effect of microwaves on milk.
He said millions of pounds had been spent checking if microwave doors leaked high frequency waves used to cook food and liquids.
But firms had no plans to follow up on the Austrian tests.
He said:
"There is no point. The tests bear no relation to cooking in the home."
Gordon Andrews, chairman of the Microwave Association, said:
"We do not think there is any need to carry out the tests. We are very skeptical about them".
Last night, outraged MPs called for the Government to launch an urgent inquiry.
Dr. David Clark, Labour food and agriculture spokesman, said:
"It is very alarming. The Government must order its own tests immediately."
Last month Government tests showed 32 out of 102 microwaves on sale FAILED to heat food thoroughly.
"Science advances funeral by funeral."
(Niels Bohr, Nobel Prize-winning Physicist)
Sun doctor Vernon Coleman fears thousands could die EVERY YEAR from the effects of food cooked in microwaves.
He warns:
"The news that microwave ovens may turn the ingredients in usually safe foods into potentially toxic substances has to be taken very seriously."
With 10 million microwaves in use today, in a few years they could be killing more people than cigarettes. That's currently 100,000 a year.
But it could be ten, 20 or even 30 years before the damage done by microwave ovens can be properly assessed.
I am absolutely appalled that manufacturers have not fully tested them. Like everyone else I had assumed that they would have conducted thorough tests to find out exactly how they affected food BEFORE putting them on the market.
Microwaves are very different from ordinary ovens. They cook using high frequency radio waves which penetrate the food and make the water molecules inside whizz around at high speed, creating heat.
Like most doctors I had assumed that a device which worked in such a new and potentially hazardous way would have been subjected to extensive tests before being put on the market. Almost all other household products are fully tested for safety before being marketed - and even then problems often appear later.
My advice to all microwave owners would be to use their ovens only for heating vegetables and fruit and bread. [Until such time as conclusive testing has been done, we only warm our plates in the microwave oven. Ed.]
I would not recommend the use of microwaves to cook any animal products such as meat, milk, cheese or eggs.
If you are thinking of buying a microwave oven, DON'T
Wait until the manufacturers have made the tests they should have carried out years ago.
(John Pullman, The Sun [UK], January 18, 1990)
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