Message From The Author

Welcome to you dear reader. I trust that the information in this book will do for you and for yours what it has done for me and for tens of thousands of others. My own adventure with health began around 1977, and it began just where it has begun with so many people - I was desperately ill, and I was in desperate need of answers.

When I finally found those answers - all of which are now included in this book - the results were so dramatic, and my recovery was so marked, that I could do none other than seek by every means possible to share my new-found discoveries with my fellow man.

In those early days, health foods were very difficult to come by (my wife used to travel 120km per week just to get our supply of natural honey and genuine whole wheat bread). Nevertheless we felt driven to share the message of natural health with others, and the more we did so, the more we created a demand for health foods. Eventually this growing demand persuaded us to start a part time health food business.

With God's blessing, and a lot of hard work, we have now come a long way from those small beginnings. Today, thanks to all of our loyal supporters and stockists, my family and I are the proud owners of the Nature's Choice health food company. At this time we are supplying over 700 organic and bio-friendly products to over 500 retail outlets.

You may visit the Nature's Choice website at

The message in this book is the basic message that has given impetus and meaning to our work and to our business from the very outset and, as such, I can recommend this book to you with utmost confidence. Herein you will find information that has been drawn from scores of brilliant books, more than three decades of invaluable practical experience, the combined knowledge of a great many thinking people, and a wealth of sound advice, all condensed into one book.

Whether you are seeking to prevent illness, or to overcome illness, or whether you are simply looking to expand your knowledge, I do believe that you are at the right place.

In this book you will find strong testimony in support of three fundamental truths:

1. While pills and potions are sometimes unavoidable, medicine in all of its forms cannot add to our accumulation of health.
2. It is our state of health, not medicine, that enables us to resist disease and to overcome disease.
3. Health is only ever the product of healthful living and eating.

As you work through the recommendations made in this book, please do be patient with yourself, and please do not try and make too many substitutions at one time - as this can be discouraging. You may rest assured, however, that for every permanent substitution that you make, you will be rewarded with improved health, increased energy levels, a greater resistance to infection, a clearer mind, and a growing sense of wellbeing.

While writing this book, I prayed for everyone who would one day read it - and this means that I have prayed for you dear reader. If you are well, it is my prayer that this book will help you to stay that way; if you are not well, it is my prayer that this book will help you to find the answers that you need - soon.

On behalf of my family and I, I wish you God's richest blessing.

Yours sincerely

Neville Mandy