The Natural Health Foundation

This website is dedicated to you and your loved ones - and it comes to you with the sincere prayer that our humble offering will add happiness and years to your life - and that it will add quality of life to your years of happiness.

Aims & Objectives of the Foundation
1 To enlighten the public with regard to the basic principles of healthful living.
2 To share with the public at large the findings of science with regard to refined and adulterated foods and drinks.
3 To make every effort to give an enlightened public the opportunity to avail themselves of unrefined, unadulterated, naturally grown and naturally prepared foodstuffs at reasonable prices.
4 To communicate with manufacturers with a view to encouraging them to explore the use of healthier alternatives to those harmful food additives and food processes that are currently in use.
5 To encourage the authorities to amend legislation, wherever necessary, and in such a way that the consumer is always given the privilege of choice when making purchases.
6 To share with the appropriate authorities research findings which come to hand and to encourage them to frequently review legislation in the light thereof.
7 To assist any interested body in any endeavor to the extent that such endeavor meets with the aims and objectives of the Natural Health Foundation.